“I believe 10X Incubator will be the biggest move of my career and what excites me most are the millions of lives we will positively impact.” -Grant Cardone, Co-Founder of 10X Incubator

Just Imagine Co-Founding A Tech Company With Grant Cardone + Jared Yellin

There has never been a greater synergy of talent in the tech industry than Grant Cardone, Jared Yellin, and the entire 10X Incubator Dream Team. Our goal is to support and provide emerging tech startups with the resources they need to create, innovate, launch and accelerate your tech ideas and bring limitless scale solutions to life. 

But it goes even deeper than this…

99.9% of the greatest, most life-changing, transformational ideas will end up in the graveyard because the beholder is too afraid to act or does not know what to do. Of these ideas, we believe at least 50% of them are technology based and we stand to collide, intersect, and meet each of the people who are holding onto an idea so that we can collaborate and bring it to life.

Please read this and then pause…

The 10X Incubator stands to give everyone the opportunity to become a tech entrepreneur…period!

We take ideas written on napkins or pitch decks or minimal viable tech products and transform them into stable, viable, and extremely lucrative tech companies. By combining a world-class software development team with a top-notch go-to-market and sales division, along with financing, legal support, and business consulting, tech companies in the 10X Incubator are poised for an unprecedented level of growth and success.

Our Plan A is to create, innovate, launch, and accelerate 10,000 tech companies in 10 years where each company eliminates at least one inefficiency in a country, industry, or the world while becoming scaleable within 5-7 years.  

Jared Yellin, Co-Founder of 10x Incubator

“Jared has the ‘IT’ factor. The moment I met him was the moment I knew that we were about to leap into tech in a bigger and bolder way than anyone ever has before,” says Grant Cardone about Jared.

But, What's The Backstory?

Jared Yellin has quite the track-record in tech as a non-techy tech entrepreneur. In his first tech venture, he outsourced software development and after nearly 2 years and $2 million invested was forced to scrap the project and start over. This experience became his driving force to do tech right”, by creating radical transparency and co-foundership with tech entrepreneurs. This led to successfully launching a tech incubator that deployed over 60 tech companies in its first year.

One of the things that Jared has realized after a decade of being in the tech industry is that go-to-market and business development is the make-or-break of a great idea. You can’t be the best kept secret and change the world and Jared was committed to finding the absolute ideal partner to take his already successful incubator to the next level.

Welcome, Grant Cardone to the story!

The single most important aspect of deciding on a partner was the character of the human. When Jared was introduced to Grant, he knew with certainty that this partnership was a match made in heaven. But this was NOT only because of Grant’s extraordinary skills and incredible community…it was far deeper than that.

When Jared went to Grant’s office, he spoke with the security guard for 10-minutes prior to his meeting. This gentleman went on to say how much Grant changed his life because he cares. His ability to listen, positively challenge, and help people see their internal greatness is what has allowed Grant to become the success he is today

And THIS story along with how Grant speaks about his family is THE reason why Jared said…“Let’s rock!”

It’s fair to say that Grant will go down as one of the greatest promoters in history and has built empires in real estate, sales training, publishing, consulting, and more but the one area where he was non-existent was in the world of tech.

10X Incubator is the ultimate synergy and a company that will forever change tech by giving the everyday person a fighting chance to become a tech entrepreneur.

Just imagine being able to Co-Found a Tech Company with Grant Cardone, Jared Yellin, and the entire 10X Incubator Dream Team…

All that you need is an IDEA and the willingness to go ALL-IN so that we can Co-Found a tech company together.

Are you ready?

Grant Cardone, Co-Founder of 10x Incubator
“I have never met someone who has the ability to galvanize energy and excitement like Grant Cardone. His intentionality around producing a specific outcome is unmatched and when you launch tech companies at the scale we will - we need Grant’s super-power in order to produce the life-altering results associated with a successful tech launch and exit,” says Jared Yellin about Grant.

10x Incubator Is More Than A Technical Co-Founder, Rather, A Dream Come True For Your Tech Idea!

Come with your tech idea or minimal viable product and leave with a tech company that is built for scale and eventually an exit.


7, 8, 9, or even 10 figure exit. Please don’t allow your limiting beliefs to convince you that you are unworthy of this success and impact. 10X Incubator is yearning to find committed people with big ideas that will solve all of the most pressing inefficiencies that exist in countries, industries and even the world.

When 10X Incubator co-founds tech companies, we build the entire company AT COST! Not only will this save $100,000’s to $1,000,000’s, but it will also lay a foundation of unprecedented levels of success.

We own a company in India with the top talent in the entire country, which we deploy to ensure the tech product is built RIGHT from the start, from there we integrate our go-to-market, business development, customer support, and sales/promotion teams to ensure your business scales and begins the journey to an exit.


7, 8, 9, or even 10 figure exit.

There is no better path to launch your first or next tech idea as we become the partner you have always dreamed of having.

Take a look at all of the divisions and resources that we integrate into the tech company we are about to Co-Found with you!

Your Dream Team Awaits

We Have 200+ People On The Team And Growing Quickly!
Grant Cardone
Co-Founder, 10X Incubator

CEO of Cardone Enterprises and Cardone Capital, international speaker, entrepreneur, author of The 10X Rule, and creator of 21 best-selling business programs. Grant Cardone owns & operates seven privately held companies and a $2+ Billion portfolio of multifamily properties. Named the #1 marketer to watch by Forbes Magazine, Cardone is also the founder of the The 10X Movement and The 10X Growth Conference, the world’s largest business and entrepreneur conference.

Non-technical tech founder who found a way to scale his original tech company with ZERO dollars invested to over 40,000 paying users from around the world declared a moonshot in April of 2020. “I will build, scale, and sell 10,000 tech companies in 10 years.” This moonshot has been heard far and wide as some of the most influential people in the tech industry are yearning to play a role. 10X Incubator will democratize the tech industry by creating an even playing field for all.

Jared Yellin,
CEO + Co-Founder of 10X Incubator
Mani Soundararajan,
Chief Technology Officer

Mani cares deeply about the Software Engineering discipline. He believes that good software starts with a loosely-coupled highly-cohesive architecture – but that is just the beginning – good software engineering discipline also covers testing, benchmarks, logging, metrics, and traces. Mani is of the opinion that software must be written first and foremost for humans to read, understand, and maintain, and second for computers to interpret and execute.

Since the beginning of his career, Eric has always been passionate about helping others grow their business. From Co-Founding a startup straight out of college to growing the largest Chamber of Commerce in New Jersey, Eric has an enthusiasm for acceleration that he brings to every company in 10X Incubator.

Eric Nowoslawski,
VP of Growth
Dan Russell,
Chief Strategy Officer

Dan loves to wrap in science into everything he does, and his most favorite thing is Strategy and Marketing! There cannot be a more deadly combination than that and with that he ensures to create a profitable funnel for companies to prosper. After almost a decade of converting average regular marketing to research-based neuro marketing for various companies, Dan is now focusing to strategize for companies incubated at 10X to build, scale and exit.

Experienced technology leader and has successfully implemented many cloud and app based solutions. As a technologist, he believes in coupling the power and speed of the cloud, while combining custom engineering, to stitch together seamlessly integrated technology solutions and deliver a customer centric experience, all at the rate consumers demand. His ability to understand the importance of the customer experience drives the architecture of the products delivered. He has delivered innovative solutions for pre IPO dot coms, as well as Fortune 50 companies and continues to create industry leading products by leveraging best in breed cloud technologies.

Seth Winters,
Chief Product Officer
Katie Vold,
Director of Operations

Stemming from a desire to serve people well, Katie strives to make others live’s easier through her work towards operational efficiency. With her eyes and ears on every division, she is consistently able to find ways to simplify the complex. From supporting investor relations to creating structure around internal processes, and everything in between, Katie is instrumental in the way companies are able to scale.

With a deep passion for marketing and innovation, Tiffany brings a hunger for the most innovative and effective out of the box tactics. She has ventured across various industries, including finance, legal, personal development, non-profit and marketing agency life, coupled with vast, unmatched platform and marketing avenue experience, she is primed and ready to do what she does best.

Tiffany Schoonmaker,
Director of Marketing
Meera Murthy,
Director of Company Culture

As an astute HR leader who has helped build multiple organizations from ground up, Meera brings with her an insatiable passion to create an HR system that is people oriented, but business driven. Her multi-industry exposure makes her adaptable to various business genres and thereby the right fit in a dynamic, performance driven, fast growing organization like 10X Incubator as its leader of people.

Andrea Hull

Director of Relationship Capital

Soumya Vikram

Technical Architect

Roopa Pujar

Web Administrator

Stephanie Brown

Account Manager

Cassie Coverdale

Implementation Specialist

Swathi Koushik

Senior HR Executive


Front-end Engineering Manager

Abhay Joshi

Technical Architect

Mayank Joshi
Mayank Joshi

Cloud Architect

We Have 200+ People On The Team And Growing Quickly!

We Are Ready To Partner With You!

There are inefficiencies that exist within countries, industries, and even the world and someone will come up with a solution…

Our question for you is this…

Will you be that SOMEONE?

Most people will either complain about inefficiencies and/or wait for someone else to step up and step in, but we are looking for the people who don’t identify with the norm and instead decide to be that SOMEONE.

Do you have a tech idea that you have been thinking about for way too long?

Do you see an inefficiency in your country, industry, or even the world?

Do you want to become a Co-Founder of the next big tech company with Grant Cardone, Jared Yellin, and 10X Incubator?

If yes, please begin the process right now…

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We partner and change the world!

Our mission is to launch 10,000 tech companies by 2031...

Because being a tech entrepreneur is the single greatest path for you to HAVE-IT-ALL and live the 10X Lifestyle!


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