[AVENTURA, FLORIDA] [July 8, 2021] – Cardone Enterprises and CILA Labs are thrilled to announce the launch of their newest partnership and company, the 10X Incubator. This new program will help entrepreneurs take their tech ideas to the next level and transform them into thriving businesses. The goal of this initiative is to support and provide emerging tech startups with the resources they need to create, launch and accelerate their tech ideas and bring them to life.

10X Incubator takes ideas written on napkins or pitch decks or minimal viable tech products and transforms them into stable, viable, and limitless scale tech companies. By combining a world-class software development team with a top-notch go-to-market and sales division, along with financing, legal support, and business consulting, tech companies in the 10X Incubator are poised for an unprecedented level of growth and success. CILA believes that by partnering with Cardone Enterprises on the 10X Incubator it can help entrepreneurs grow into successful companies within 5 years or less.

Grant Cardone, CEO of Cardone Enterprises and Founder of 10X Incubator says, “I’m honored to be able to give such an opportunity to so many new and upcoming entrepreneurs who I know have some amazing ideas that will completely change the game of the tech industry and to be a part of their journey to success is beyond incredible. It’s time to strive for more and 10X their businesses.”

10X represents the megaphone to ensure that every tech company that emerges from the 10X Incubator becomes a widely recognized brand and scales quickly. The need for speed in the tech industry has never been more apparent and the partnership with Cardone Enterprises will enable the companies created to reach the market faster and with a level of force that has never existed before.
CILA Labs is the first and only Tech Incubator to provide software development, go-to-market, branding, sales, customer support, legal, financial planning, and administrative services at cost while becoming a partner in the venture. CILA Labs’ mission is to launch 10,000 tech companies in 10 years. In less than one year, CILA has successfully Co-Founded over 60 tech companies with entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Jared Yellin, CEO and Co-Founder of 10X Incubator and Co-Founder of CILA Labs says, “There has never been an opportunity like 10X Incubator in the tech industry. 10X Incubator will successfully Co-Found 10,000 tech companies in the next 10 years by combining the software development ability of CILA Labs with the power of the 10X Ecosystem for the purpose of go-to-market, plus access to capital for acceleration. All I can say is that I am personally excited to speak with 1,000’s of entrepreneurs who have tech ideas and co-found companies with each viable business.”

Both companies are proud of the launch of 10X Incubator that will aid in the success and development of tech startups while disrupting the software development industry with high-quality, legendary technology products and solutions.

Cardone Enterprises

Cardone Enterprises is a privately held company that owns and operates seven companies including Cardone Capital, Cardone Training Technologies, Inc, and Cardone Ventures. Grant Cardone is the CEO of Cardone Enterprises, a sales mogul, real estate fund manager with $2.3B in AUM, the best-selling author of the 10X Rule, and world-renowned speaker & philanthropist. Cardone Enterprises specializes in transforming people’s lives through training programs and events focused on business, marketing, sales, scaling and money – all with the same focus , entrepreneurship, and sales training and is committed to teaching strategies that will 10X your business, income, and life.


CILA Labs is a privately owned Tech Incubator based out of the US, Canada, and India with a mission to launch 10,000 tech companies by 2031 with the goal of eliminating at least one inefficiency for every person on the planet. People with tech concepts have the ability to submit their ideas through the CILA Labs process so that the company can determine whether the person, idea, competition, and ability to scale meets the criteria to join the portfolio. If/when a concept and Co-Founder is accepted, CILA Labs becomes a partner in the venture and begins a journey from idea to exit by deploying its fully integrated process of software development, go-to-market, branding, sales, customer support, legal, financial planning, and administrative services at cost. CILA believes that everyone is meant to be a tech entrepreneur and is committed to helping people of all ages and from around the world realize their dreams and aspirations as tech entrepreneurs.

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Date: July 8, 2021
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